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Engagement & Entertainment

Experiential activations across multiple conversation platforms to support a broad range of entertainment, content, brand sponsorship integration and fan and viewer engagement initiatives. Support marketing activations, live and TV events, and influencer personalities.

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Interactive Storytelling

Bring your story to life with realistic conversational personalities in an interactive storytelling experience over chat, voice, and video. Use celebrity personalities or develop new ones to take your fan engagement to the next level.

Media Activations

Whether it’s a TV show, a movie release, a new album or a game release, a chatbot can engage your audience in informative, playful, intelligent and exciting ways, to support your campaigns and increase viewership. Use the chatbot to provide a gamified experience, support voting/polling and increase fan engagement throughout the campaign.

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Event Promotions and Information

Keep your audience informed with an interactive chatbot that provides up-to-date event schedules and FAQs, enables ticket ordering and provides detailed venue and location information.

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