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Conversational AI Platform

Leveraging state-of-the-art, proprietary conversational AI technology, we developed a platform for chatbots that converse with users in natural language on social messaging, voice assistants and the web.

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State-of-the-art Conversation Engine

Based on decades of research, our conversation flow engine with advanced NLP capabilities delivers personalized conversation flows driven by multiple, real-time factors such as customer goals, user profiles, conversation history, support case history, past purchases, etc.

conversation engine

Analytics Dashboard

With personalized conversation flow and proactive goal-seeking dialog, turn every visitor into a buyer. Provide customized offers and steer the conversation towards your sales goals. Increase conversion rates and

reduce churn.


Self-service Knowledge-base

Using a simple, user-friendly interface, customers can update their chatbot knowledge-base with up-to-date information and time-sensitive events and promotions.

Social, Voice, Web

Extend your reach by deploying across multiple social media channels, SMS/MMS, voice assistants and your website. Bring your messaging presence to where your customers are.

Customer Success Team

Our customer success team will work with you throughout the process and guarantee your success by driving the implementation from ideation, through initial deployment and on-going operation.

knowledge base
customer success
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