Engage your audience on a personal level

We enable movie studios and TV networks to create authentic conversational characters that engage in personal, 
one-on-one conversations with fans using text, voice or video, just like chatting with a friend. 
Our vision is to bring characters to life and extend the experience into the lives of the audience.

Transmedia Storytelling

Immerse the audience in the story using the power of conversation,
have a direct dialog with diverse fictional characters from the big screen.
imperson enables bi-directional conversation, allowing characters to share experiences, promotions and emotions with their audience. The fan can reciprocate with their own opinions and reactions.

Expanded Viewer Experience

Viewers are looking to extend their experiences beyond their television sets. With imperson they have an opportunity to gain further insight into the latest developments of an episode or of the entire season. The fan and character get the chance to engage with each other, expressing their opinions and exploring insights and possibilities of what happens behind the scenes and where the show may go next . 

Innovative Brand Promotion

imperson offers brands the ability to create a dynamic relationship with their consumers utilizing their brand identity. The character associated with the brand can have conversations to further boost current campaigns.

case studies

A New and Innovative Movie Release Campaign
 Using imperson’s Conversational Character
Creating an Immersive Brand Experience Through Messaging for Die Hard Fans

what we do


State-of-the-art conversation technology

Optimized for entertainment with deep context and long term relationship management. Conversation steering based on pre-defined goals.


Authentic conversational character development

Authentic virtual personality development, includes character profile and unique dialog style with supervised learning and feedback. Dynamic scripting for distinct target audiences, based on demographics and marketing goals, along with customized conversation flow and topics.


Campaign management and monitoring

Integration with existing platforms, real time conversation adaptations, tracking and measuring effectiveness based on pre-defined goals, ongoing maintenance.


Multi-channel user experience delivery

Users enjoy a natural conversation with a realistic character voice and avatar, accessible through chat or speech interface. Fuse personal conversation with social networks, share and connect with fan community for a complete real-world experience.

Avital Rabani

Director of Marketing

Yoni Sallmander

Interactive Scriptwriter

Jason Gilbert

Interactive Scriptwriter

Naomi Radinsky

Interactive Scriptwriter

Sarah Friedman

Interactive Scriptwriter

Eytan Weinstein

Interactive Scriptwriter

Assaf Talmudi

Creative Producer

Daniel Aviv

Full Stack Developer


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