Our solution, considered science fiction until now, gives networks and studios the tools to retain and expand their fanbase. We offer an immersive experience by creating realistic virtual personalities, based on a celebrity, movie or TV character. These creations engage fans using the character's authentic persona.

Personal, fun and engaging    

Fans enjoy entertaining conversations with icons that relate to them personally. Conversations are dynamic and private - just like chatting with a friend.

Turnkey marketing solution

We build and test the customized persona, create the content for conversations, produce the audio and visual experience , and help you seamlessly integrate it into the project's social marketing strategy.

Invaluable first-hand insights

Know what fans feel, want, love or hate, gain first-hand access to their lives. Conversations are analyzed and aggregated to provide actionable insights on the target audience.


Infuses marketing messages through authentic conversations, making them natural and genuine.

Complete control

Clients have full control over what the virtual personality can say and what it needs to stay away from.


Conversation topics are fully customized for each personality and demographic, and can be updated in near real-time to support campaigns, promotions and current events.

about our company

Imperson was founded by hi-tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about talking directly to computers and turning dreams into reality. We felt that digital marketing still lacks a natural way to engage with audiences. We want to offer individual fans a window into the stories they love. So we gathered a multi-disciplinary team of experts in technology, storytelling and human dialog, and integrated cutting-edge technologies to deliver fun conversation between fans and their idols.