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Add a Shopify Chatbot to Boost Sales

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and hopefully you’re on your way to hitting your sales goals. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and all the days leading-up-to and following), there’s been non-stop action in the e-commerce space. Shopify stores in particular hit a record this season, bringing in $2.4 billion in sales on Black Friday alone.

That being said, many businesses are struggling to convert website visitors into customers. If you’re not hitting your targets, there’s an easy solution — adding a Shopify chatbot to your website.

What Does a Shopify Chatbot Do?

A Shopify chatbot acts as a sales associate would in an in-store setting. It asks customers if they need help and provides recommendations based on what they’re looking for. Unlike a human associate, however, the chatbot goes a step further by remembering past shopping trips and using that information to provide more informed consultations.

Below are some key functions of Shopify chatbots.

Proactively Engage with Shoppers

As website visitors browse through product pages, chatbots can provide additional information that may not be readily available on the site. They answer specific questions and alert users to special promotions.

For a customer who’s on the fence about a product, having this added layer of support and service can make all the difference.

Ask Questions

Just as important as answering questions (and perhaps more so) is the ability of chatbots to ask questions. Figuring out a customer’s needs, budget, and circumstances allows the chatbot to narrow down possible products and provide better recommendations. It also creates a more natural conversation flow.

Suggest Complementary Products

In addition to helping customers find what they’re looking for, Shopify chatbots go the extra mile and suggest complementary products that a customer may be interested in. For example, a pajama set may have a matching pair of slippers that can be added to the purchase. Someone ordering makeup may also be interested in a setting spray or primer.

A smart chatbot is able to figure out which products make the most sense to recommend based on past purchases and customer behavior.

Add Items to Cart

While it may seem like a small task, having a Shopify chatbot add items to a user’s cart (with their permission) brings them that much closer to checkout. It’s one less step in the sales process, and is reminiscent of a personal shopper holding items at the register for an elevated shopping experience. This personalized attention results in higher conversion rates online.

The Best Time to Add a Shopify Chatbot

Ideally, the best time to add a Shopify chatbot to your online presence would have been some time last quarter. The second best time is now. Once the chatbot is integrated and has access to its knowledge base, it will be a vital member of the sales and customer service team.

Want to learn more about adding a Shopify chatbot to your site? Browse our offerings and let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss your goals.


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